Real-time hospital operations response requires real-time mobile solutions

You need to manage and resolve hospital incidents quickly while minimizing the impact of care, but there are a lot of steps involved to get people moving. With LiveProcess, one touch gets it done, instantly.


Optimize hospital operations & logistics

Quickly resolve facilities incidents
Mobilize response teams and vendors to make repairs
Alert staff to equipment outages
Notify facilities, housecleaning or clinical staff of safety issues

Here are a few ways you can use LiveProcess for Hospital Operations

hospital operations bullet

Alert staff

that the CT scanner or any other system or department is down, so they can reschedule patients

hospital operations bullet

Manage safety risk

Notify facilities, housecleaning or clinical staff of a safety issue that requires immediate attention

hospital operations bullet

Mobile staff and vendors

to make urgent and routine repairs

hospital operations bullet

Dispatch security teams

and initiate incident response protocols to deal with workplace violence

Hospital Operations

Keep hospital operations running smoothely

Emergency Department ED Coordinator Coordination - screenshot

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