Saving lives requires real-time mobile emergency department management solutions

You need to adapt quickly and triage patients effectively in the ED, but there’s a lot of steps involved to get people moving, especially when needs can change from moment to moment. With LiveProcess, one touch gets it done, instantly.


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Keep the emergency room moving

Accelerate time to care with preprogrammed codes

Stay ahead of overcrowding with dynamic, continuous volume monitoring

Limit LWBS incidents by adjusting staff levels dynamically and alerting on upcoming bed needs

Expedite patient admission with two-way resource coordination

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Reduce time to treatment

Save lives with a faster, better coordinated response

Treat acute critical conditions sooner with preprogrammed codes

Eliminate wasted time from handoffs with rapid push-button code calling

Call codes quietly without the noise of an overhead paging system

Here are a few ways you can use LiveProcess to keep patients flowing

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Get ready for trauma

Alert staff and resources of incoming trauma cases, so the hospital is ready

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Adjust staffing

Realign staff and resources with patient volume and acuity in response to high NEDOCS scores

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Call codes quietly

without leaving the patient’s side. A touch brings urgent
care team members to the patient immediately

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Improve communication and coordination

to remove obstacles affecting time to treatment

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Streamline transitions

Optimize the hospital admission process and transitions of care from the emergency room to a nursing floor or ICU

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Notify services

Expedite radiology and lab tests and results for rapid patient assessment and care in an emergency

LiveProcess Launches ED Coordinator for Emergency Departments

ED Coordinator enhances the efficiency of emergency department throughput and raises the quality of care in emergency services. It addresses many issues that are specific to emergency medicine, such as ensuring that patients are seen in a timely fashion by appropriate clinical staff.

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