Real-time crisis & incident management requires real-time mobile solutions

When an incident occurs, hospital personnel needs to work together to manage the emergency and minimize the impact on patients. With LiveProcess, one touch gets it done, instantly.

Hospitals use LiveProcess Emergency Manager to

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Streamline preparedness planning

Identify vulnerabilities, roles, contacts and resources

Ensure communication and coordination

Demonstrate compliance

Conduct training exercises

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Mobilize resources from any location

Call codes and send alerts

Activate incident command (ICS)

Request help from partners

Assess availability

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Share information with one touch

Share in real-time via a virtual situation center

Communicate at once with individuals, groups, executives, your coalition and community partners at once

Use any mode – voice, SMS, email, fax, and pager

Report on inventory and bed availability

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Automatically log and report event activity

Document what happened

Automatically generate after action reports (AARs)

Use templates to streamline review

Track annual HVAs and compliance reports

Here are a few ways you can use LiveProcess for emergency management

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Prepare for crisis events

Plan for and respond to severe weather, active shooter, and more

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Report on HAvBED availability

Report on bed availability as required by state or federal emergency agencies

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Plan training exercises

with tools, exercises and industry guidelines

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Track shared inventory

Track usage of shared inventory purchased with EM or ASPR funds

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Implement an evacuation

Coordinate a diversion or evacuation with other hospitals

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Ensure communication

Provide real-time updates to employees and coalition and community partners

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Create shared duty logs

to track incidents as they evolve

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Establish incident command

and share access to a virtual situation center

“An emergency management tool this robust, versatile and easy to use is worth its weight in gold.”
Eric Swanson, Director of Emergency Preparedness, Tillamook Regional Medical Center

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