Real-time care coordination requires real-time solutions

So much of patient care relies on coordinating many individuals, teams and resources in a timely and efficient manner. But it takes a lot of time to get people moving. With LiveProcess, one touch gets it done, instantly.


patient care coordination app button

Simplify patient care coordination

Reduce time to care with
preprogrammed codes,
requests, actions and
contact lists

Initiate consults instantly

Eliminate overhead noise

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Optimize hospital discharge coordination

Transition patients to home or to another care facility

Achieve a smooth discharge process

Save time on discharge phone calls within and beyond the hospital

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Mobilize personnel to fill staffing needs

Respond to staff callouts and patient surges

Bring in additional personnel when needed

Fill shift gaps with the right skills

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Streamline organ transplants coordination

Coordinate with all parties

Act quickly

Keep everyone informed at all times

Here are a few ways you can use LiveProcess to keep nurses nursing

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Call code alerts quietly

without leaving the patient’s side. A touch brings urgent care team members to the patient immediately

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Initiate consults and alert physicians

of test results, discharges, transfers and patient status changes

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Fill healthcare staff callouts quickly

Find available staff with the right skills to maintain nurse staffing ratios

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Mobilize care coordination resources

from anywhere and ensure greater accuracy and timeliness of message delivery

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Coordinate hospital discharge

Facilitate admissions and quickly arrange all aspects of patient discharge coordination

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Coordinate transplant teams

Activate the transplant team and keep them informed of milestones and events

LiveProcess Patient Care

Streamline care coordination

LiveProcess Discharge

Optimize discharge coordination

LiveProcess Staffing

Optimize healthcare staffing

Emergency Department ED Coordinator Coordination - screenshot

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