VA Medical Centers’ PBX operators use LiveProcess notification system with JAWS screen reader

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) serves veterans by providing high-quality integrated healthcare and by giving veterans, in particular disabled veterans, preference for employment. As a result, throughout its history the VHA has adapted its workplace and communication technology for people with disabilities.

For example, blind and visually impaired employees of the VHA use the screen reader and speech synthesizer Job Access With Speech (JAWS) for several functions. Recently, however, blind PBX operators at several VA Medical Centers reported that, following a software update, their notification system did not work well with JAWS, slowing the process of sending important notifications. The mismatch of JAWS and the notification system was creating inefficiency and could delay response times.

“We needed a solution that was adaptable to JAWS, to accommodate visually impaired and blind employees,” said Gary Wagner, PBX supervisor at the VA Medical Center in Erie, PA.

The VHA has been using the LiveProcess communication system since 2008 for emergency preparedness and response. Of the 18 geographically distributed Veterans Integrated Services Networks (VISNs), 12 have been using LiveProcess, serving more than 45 VA Medical Centers and dozens of outpatient clinics. That history helped LiveProcess understand the unique needs of VHA facilities.

When LiveProcess learned about the problem with JAWS and the HVA’s notification system, the company offered a trial use of LiveProcess Communicator, a real-time communication and coordination solution with robust notification and messaging capabilities for healthcare organizations.

“Knowing that LiveProcess had already been used successfully at VA Medical Centers, we believed that LiveProcess Communicator could be quickly implemented and provide faster and simpler notification procedures for both blind and sighted PBX operators,” said Terry Zysk, CEO of LiveProcess.

Operators found the modern and user-friendly interface of LiveProcess Communicator much easier to use than the previous notification system and began to adopt LiveProcess for rapid response alerts and other notifications. LiveProcess continues to work with blind and visually impaired PBX operators and supervisors to improve and streamline notifications, including reducing the number of keystrokes required and customizing the home screen.

LiveProcess Communicator is now the preferred communication solution at multiple VA Medical Centers. “I really appreciate the effort LiveProcess has put in to ensure that LiveProcess Communicator works effectively with JAWS,” said Wagner.

For more information on how LiveProcess supports Veterans Administration healthcare facilities for emergency preparedness and communication solutions, please call 973-571-2500 or email us at: