Tillamook Regional Medical Center Case Study

Rural health care: Big needs, small budget

As a Critical Access Hospital (CAH), Tillamook Regional Medical Center (TRMC) faces challenges unique to CAHs, in addition to sharing many of the care-related goals of larger hospitals.

“We have some of the same needs as the country’s most sophisticated healthcare facilities, but because we lack their funding, we have to exercise tremendous caution in the products and solutions we acquire,” said Eric Swanson, TRMC’s director of preparedness.

After researching available solutions, Swanson chose LiveProcess Emergency Manager for its simplicity, scalability and applicability to a broad range of situations.

“We experience major emergencies that affect the entire region, and we have to know that our EMS will scale to meet the demand and have the flexibility to be used both inside our organization and widely across the region,” Swanson observed. “That’s precisely why we use LiveProcess. It’s easy to learn, easier to use, and broadly applicable to any kind of situation.”

Tillamook Regional Medical Center uses LiveProcess Emergency Manager as a scalable one-stop solution for emergency preparedness. Find out how and why.

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