TechTarget – Disaster Recovery:

LiveProcess emergency management aids California county

A regional coalition of hospitals, nursing facilities and other major healthcare centers uses one platform for key emergency management and communications.

Communication in the healthcare industry is always important, but during a crisis like the current pandemic, it’s critical. The Riverside County Emergency Management Department has benefited from a tool in place to streamline emergency communications.

The southern California department uses LiveProcess Emergency Manager, a healthcare emergency management platform that features emergency preparedness planning, mass mobilization and notification, real-time coordination and tracking. Riverside County has used LiveProcess for more than a decade.

“When the pandemic started, everything was there,” said Carol Gonzalez, program coordinator for the department.

During the pandemic, LiveProcess has helped facilities communicate with each other. Polls in the system can help figure out where facilities are lacking. For example, some of the 17 hospitals may report that they need more of a given item. That communication lessens the potential waiting time.

“It really helped us in getting a grasp of what resources were really needed.”