Mobilize Resources

for individual, group and mass notification & real-time response

Notify and mobilize your response to fire, flood, active shooter, severe weather & more


Instantly alert rapid response team with preset codes and alerts for high risk scenarios


Look up individuals or groups quickly


Leverage click to call for instant one-on-one consults


Send notifications and get responses


Track response for increased accountability


Resend notifications to improve responsiveness

Real-time emergency management requires reaching the right people in moments with alerting and mass notification

Physician pager replacement, hospital mass notification and disaster management with one communication tool

“We began using LiveProcess for physician paging and mass notifications, and since then we’ve only grown in how we use it.

“When you’re sending a message to a physician or an emergency response team in a hurry there can be confusing misspellings or errors. Having the codes, responses and groups customized and already set up is extremely helpful.”

– Patty Wininger, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Duncan Regional Medical Center

Hospital prepares for hurricane, opens hospital command center

“We use LiveProcess to drill, record and respond to events. It’s about getting the right people with the right resources to the right role at the table.”

Anne Marie Pessagno, Nursing Director for Acute Care Services, Anne Arundel Medical Center

Achieve targeted and mass notification with a complete emergency management platform

mass notification bullet

Activate incident command with one touch

In one step the entire ICS is on alert

mass notification bullet

Two-way communication

Go beyond mass notification to real-time coordination
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Alert your rapid response teams

In an instant, accelerate time to action
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Automate and standardize critical communication scenarios

And improve efficiency measures
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Save precious moments and minimize mistakes

Especially when time translates into lives

Contacts Self-Maintenance: See How It Works

Learn more about Healthcare Emergency Management

LiveProcess empowers hospitals, healthcare systems, and public agencies to plan for and respond to emergencies and disasters, providing communities with continuity of care in difficult and changing situations