Coordinate Emergency Response

Across your community

Work as a team with key staff, coalition partners, and community resources


Coordinate, accelerate and track response to time-critical events


Maintain continuity of care even in adverse conditions


Rapidly assess impact and share situational awareness


Accelerate containment and recovery strategies


Manage shared resources across a region


Commission the appropriate incident command structure

Real-time emergency response requires mobile coordination across boundaries

“We were amazed how quickly things got rolling. It’s hard to staff a command center 24/7 for a full week, but LiveProcess obviated that to a great extent. The platform allowed us to do most of the work remotely and actually more efficiently with the event log and real-time communication tools it has.

“Everyone got the information they needed quickly and efficiently. Everyone was on the same page—literally—and the platform really enhanced the way we did incident command here at the hospital.”

– Rachel Hedstrom, Communications Staffer, Children’s Medical Center

Riverside County prepares for regional collaboration

The County of Riverside Emergency Management Department (EMD) regularly tests the communication network among itself and 35 participating healthcare facilities, ensuring they can share information, mobilize resources and provide guidance from a big-picture perspective.

Using one platform for situational awareness across all healthcare facilities allows Riverside County to quickly gather status reports and resource requests, make the appropriate plans and get the resources moving quickly.

“Having a single platform eliminated a lot of the mistakes, issues, and information gaps that we used to have.” 

– Ramon Leon, Program Chief of Preparedness Division at County of Riverside EMD

Coordinate with anyone anywhere in a virtual situation center

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Coordinate real-time emergency response

with individuals and groups, internal and external to your organization

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Adjust as the event unfolds

Assign new tasks, post messages, ask a question, document activity, and track inventory

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Create a real-time trusted news feed

that extends situational awareness to your organization, coalition members and partner networks

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Use an assortment of existing devices, anywhere

Each person can choose their own mobile and desktop notification methods — voice, text, email, fax, and pager

Improve and share situational awareness

Report on resource availability and victim status

Establish shared understanding quickly

of mission and objectives for an event

Report on resource availability and victim status

Share situation reports 

so everyone knows what is happening, all in one place

Report on resource availability and victim status

Understand the size and scope of a situation

with rapid distribution of situational information

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Routinely and automatically log incidents

 large and small, across a region

Manage shared resources

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Report on resource availability and victims

Identify available beds, equipment, supplies, and tagged victims for transport

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Centrally manage supplies requests and fulfillment

Post and fill resource needs across a region, coordinating with a coalition members and community partners

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Identify and assign equipment

such as how many, by type, unit cost, where located, and expiration date

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Orchestrate movement of patients

based on bed availability (HAvBED)

Activate events and commission incident command instantly

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Easy to use for non-emergency management professionals

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Seamlessly collaborate in real-time across the hospital and into the community

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Pre-populated with Incident Command Structures (ICS) for Healthcare (HICS)

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Job Action Sheets (JAS) included for each HICS role, can be easily modified

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LiveProcess empowers hospitals, healthcare systems, and public agencies to plan for and respond to emergencies and disasters, providing communities with continuity of care in difficult and changing situations