LiveProcess Emergency Manager

Proven system for emergency preparedness planning, mass mobilization, coordination and tracking

Healthcare emergency management platform for every type of healthcare organization and agency. Hospitals and health systems, ambulatory centers, home health agencies, nursing homes, and public agencies use LiveProcess Emergency Manager software-as-a-service to prepare for and respond to disaster events.

Healthcare emergency management software


Collaborate across your facility, your community and beyond


Establish incident command


Recover and report


Evaluate vulnerabilities


Coordinate, accelerate and track responses

LiveProcess differentiators

Integrated solution purpose-built for healthcare

spanning all phases of emergency management

Event log

for sharing information and initiating response in moments

Notification insight

from send to delivery to response

Dynamic contact groups

created based on your criteria

Coordinate across boundaries

Unlimited contacts, share contacts across facilities, and administrators instantly add users and contacts

Self-maintaining contacts

triggered by automated reminders

Up and running in days

with software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and intuitive use

Live person answers calls for support

24x7x365 coverage, eLearning events, online help

How to Send a Notification with LiveProcess Emergency Manager

Here are a few ways you can use LiveProcess Emergency Manager

emergency management bullet

Plan for and respond

to severe weather events, mass trauma, infrastructure failures and more

emergency management bullet

Provide mass notification

and updates to hospitals and agencies in affected areas

emergency management bullet

Access tools, exercises,

shared documents and industry guidelines

emergency management bullet

Coordinate diversions

among hospitals and emergency response personnel

emergency management bullet

Create shared duty logs

to track incidents as they evolve

emergency management bullet

Track availability, location and status

of critical shared equipment and supplies

emergency management bullet

Track movement of tagged victims

and monitor where beds are available

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LiveProcess empowers you to take control of emergent events and collaboratively resolve emergencies.