Rapidly adapt to demanding conditions





LiveProcess Aware® enables unprecedented collaboration and coordination for healthcare situation management.

Built-in virtual situation rooms work across boundaries to enable all providers and enablers of care to act in unison to ensure the best possible outcomes during routine, urgent and emergency scenarios.

Thrive in dynamic environments


Monitor early indicators for the next event


Dynamically re-balance business operations to accommodate shifts in demand


Connect, collaborate and coordinate anytime from anywhere


Proactively assess a situation as it evolves in real time


Communicate rapidly and with priority


Keep everyone on the same page at all times

Do you need to:

Orchestrate protocols
Rebalance supply and demand
Proactively assess situations
Prioritize and escalate
Prompt timely intervention

Now, real-time situation management at scale


Enterprise & beyond

Unlimited groups

Static and dynamic


Priority & escalation

Any device

Response options


Mobilize response teams

Orchestrate parallel actions

Secure event chat


Assess & collaborate

Adapt & respond

Real-world solutions

Insight and sharing


Bed inventory
Event frequency
Response times
Employee wellness


Document risks
Track relevant events
Risk assessment


Policies & procedures
Forms & checklists
Incident command
Job action sheets
PHI secure repository

Value across the healthcare enterprise

Epidemics and pandemics

Stroke response

STEMI response

Sepsis response

Emergency management

Business continuity

Safety & security

Operators & paging

Watch how priority, sensitivity and escalation paths work

Reduce alarm fatigue while making sure important messages get through and protect personally identifiable information (PII).

Most transformative product features

HIPAA-secure chat

Keep all participants on the same page without duplication of effort or time-consuming verbal hand-offs. Capture out-of-band information to improve care and ensure documentation.

Multi-device escalation

Every role can tied to custom multi-device escalation paths. Recipients with permission can adjust to their preferences. Messages will be routed based on priority and response.

Templated codes

Avoid errors, call codes faster, and ensure all important information is shared every time.

Response options

Make it easy for recipients to respond with multi-choice and free response options. Know your message will be acted upon with a personal confirmation.

Yes, you can have it all


  • Secure HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Comprehensive security controls fully interoperable with your IT infrastructure
  • Administrator-defined security roles


  • Instantly set up virtual situation centers anywhere, anytime
  • Use from any device with a browser
  • Highly configurable, extendable and customizable solution

Seamless interaction with HIT ecosystem

  • Interoperable with condition-sensing systems
  • Complements your EMR investment
  • Trigger alerts and events identified by any IT-enabled source
  • Dynamic user profile updates from trusted sources
  • Push alerts to people and systems to initiate one or more response actions in real-time

Powerfully simple IT platform

  • No onsite hardware
  • No app to install or maintain
  • Install in a hospital in weeks
  • Quick training


  • From a department event to situations spanning multi-campus health systems and beyond
  • Built on enterprise-trusted Microsoft Azure cloud computing
  • Customized to your locations and contacts


With LiveProcess, healthcare organizations know, act, innovate and thrive in demanding situations. By uniting clinical, operational and environmental staff on a single platform, health systems can connect, coordinate and collaborate across departmental, organizational and geographic boundaries — consistently and in real time.