Physician Pager Replacement and Disaster Management With One Communication Tool

Staying connected for better emergency response and everyday hospital notifications

Hospital paging and disaster communication systems have something in common: reaching people quickly and reliably. This case study explores how one hospital got a disaster management system for tornadoes and wildfires, and realized it was the perfect hospital communication system for replacing physician pagers, too.

The hospital exceeded its goals, and the result was:

  • Flexible hospital mass notification system for emergency preparedness and response
  • Replace physician pagers with multi-modal tech (text, voice calls & more)
  • Two-way messaging & responses with status tracking & self-maintaining contacts
  • Simple system for PBX operators to notify staff every day and in disasters

An innovative physician paging solution at a Most Wired hospital

When LiveProcess demonstrated LiveProcess Emergency Manager for disaster management in this Most Wired hospital, the administrators saw something more — an answer to an entirely different problem: physician paging.

Before LiveProcess, all physician paging and telephone answering services went through the main switchboard, which could easily overwhelm the PBX staff.

Multiple communication options provided by LiveProcess promote responsiveness. Over a period of one to two years, Duncan replaced physician pagers. The hospital moved physician paging to a system of communication and collaboration that better served the doctors themselves, hospital staff and patients — and saved money.

Using LiveProcess to replace physician paging allowed Duncan Regional to offer doctors choices in how they could be contacted, including mobile phones, landlines, email or all of the these. And with the built-in response mechanisms, coordination was streamlined and improved.

Learn how Duncan Regional is staying prepared for everyday and disaster communication needs when you read the case study.

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