Health System Improves Emergency Response and Day-to-Day Workflow with Structured Messaging

Streamline notifications and keep staff connected

The Methodist Health System in Dallas, TX, first adopted LiveProcess as an emergency hospital communication system for mass notifications during major disasters. The four-hospital system started simply, programming major disaster codes for leadership’s use. From there, the hospitals began shifting away from pagers and overhead announcements to using hospital communication tools most staff were already carrying: their phones and other mobile devices.

The flexibility of the solution led the health system to apply LiveProcess to everyday uses, from filling staffing gaps to ensure nurse-to-patient ratios,  to preparing the emergency department for incoming trauma cases.

As sometimes happens with grants, the original funding source ended its emergency management technology program after a few years, but by then Methodist’s hospitals had embraced LiveProcess for a variety of uses beyond emergency response, and did not want to let it go. Staff lobbied hospital leadership to retain LiveProcess, and after nine years of use they are still finding new ways to make hospital communication more efficient, effective and collaborative.

With LiveProcess Emergency Manager, Methodist Health System has been able to:

  • Reduce training time and encourage the new uses for the structured communication capabilities of LiveProcess
  • Reach across the hospital system for mass notification and messages targeted to specific audiences
  • Standardize many aspects of healthcare emergency communication for faster emergency response
  • Ensure continuity of operations when other modes of hospital communication are cut off
  • Limit PBX overload by getting out in front of developing situations

“A lot of technology has features that don’t contribute to utility. LiveProcess does not suffer from that problem,” said Wes Dunham, Director of Emergency Management at Methodist Health System. “It understands the healthcare needs it is addressing, it’s built specifically to address them, and it does it very well.”

Read the case study to find out how LiveProcess is helping Methodist Health System make health system and hospital communication efficient and effective — and why staff fought to keep it.

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