LiveProcess Communicator for Nursing Homes & Long-Term Care

Improve resource utilization, efficiency and patient satisfaction

Nursing homes and long-term care providers work within a complex web of skilled professionals, service providers and vendors, public agencies and unique households. Administrators and staff need fast, flexible communication options to manage continuous changes in operational and patient needs as well as to keep residents aware and informed as severe weather and other emergent events unfold.

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Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and other long-term care facilities need a communication system that can mobilize personnel instantly, get the right people and resources to the right place at the right time, and keep residents informed, regardless of location.

Facilities need to target specific audiences, whether broadcasting advisories across the
organization, notifying specialized groups, or reaching a single individual.

With LiveProcess Communicator, you can:

  • Enhance collaboration with community partners, public agencies and primary care providers
  • Notify residents of schedule changes and emergent events
  • Increase communication speed and accuracy with structured messaging
  • Maintain accountability with message tracking records
  • Improve staffing coverage with tools to fill shift callouts quickly
  • Maintain continuity of care despite severe weather, supply shortages and other unexpected events.
  • Ensure employee safety with a panic button to rapidly call for help

With more than a decade of experience helping healthcare organizations coordinate in disaster and routine situations, LiveProcess lets you streamline communications in emergencies and every day.

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