Communication for Real-Time Team Coordination in Healthcare

Improve clinical coordination with one-touch notification, response & message status

Empower your clinicians, nurses, aides, human resources, IT and operations staff to communicate and coordinate across departments, inside and outside your organization, and across healthcare settings—in real time—with simple trackable messaging on smartphones, desktops and mobile devices.

Healthcare teams in hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies need the agile messaging, structured response, and message status reporting of LiveProcess Communicator to quietly and collaboratively improve patient flow and safety in routine, time-sensitive, and emergency situations.

Streamline care delivery with LiveProcess Communicator

Today’s healthcare delivery organizations need a communication system that can mobilize personnel instantly, and get the right people and resources to the right place at the right time, regardless of location.

Your people need to communicate in real time with specific audiences, whether for mass notification to all, to specialized groups, or a single individual.

LiveProcess Communicator reaches across a healthcare facility and beyond, to include on-and off-site clinicians, community partners, public agencies and vendors, for efficient collaboration and care coordination.

With LiveProcess Communicator, you can:

  • Provide healthcare teams with flexible, coordination communications in real time.
  • Increase communication speed and accuracy with structured messaging.
  • Reduce time to treatment with alerts and codes.
  • Fill open shifts and improve staffing coverage and nurse-to-patient ratios.
  • Improve hospital patient flow and emergency department (ED) throughput.
  • Simplify physician communication and paging.
  • Keep facility operations running smoothly.

With more than a decade of experience helping healthcare delivery organizations coordinate in disaster and routine situations, LiveProcess lets you streamline communications in emergencies and every day.

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