CMS Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Healthcare Facilities

Follow these steps to make CMS emergency preparedness compliance simpler and more effective

When it comes to emergency preparedness, CMS surveyors expect hospitals, long-term care, and other healthcare facilities and providers to be compliant with the CMS emergency preparedness rule.

You can use this CMS emergency preparedness checklist to help ensure that your healthcare emergency management program is comprehensive and compliant.

Emergency managers and other emergency preparedness team members can use this CMS disaster checklist to check that your healthcare facility is getting the most out of your emergency management plans, policies and procedures, and community resources.

This high-level CMS emergency preparedness checklist can help your healthcare facility to:

  • Ensure readiness for all hazards relevant to your facility.
  • Develop muscle memory for faster, low-stress emergency response.
  • Employ technology to best effect at each stage: from risk assessment to planning and exercise evaluation.
  • Train and drill your emergency preparedness plans efficiently, to achieve specific objectives.

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