Public Health Emergency Preparedness District Replaces Emergency Management System During Drill

Indiana District 1 instantly integrates with state department of health using LiveProcess when previous EM system fails

When Indiana Health District 1 emergency management agencies participated in a public health emergency preparedness drill conducted by the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Emergency Preparedness Coalition, LiveProcess Emergency Manager was fully up to the challenge.

During the drill, LiveProcess quickly replaced the partner agencies’ emergency management system (EMS) that did not  deliver the required capabilities.

To ensure public health emergency preparedness for a medical or environmental incident, the MSA conducts a drill every five years. A test scenario is created, and participants are evaluated on their ability to carry  out  open, accurate emergency communications among and between facilities,  districts and states, and with MSA leadership overall. The test entailed responding to a hypothetical case of anthrax at an auto racing speedway.

In the earliest stages of the public health emergency preparedness drill, District 1 personnel learned that their designated EMS, in use for years, was not up to the task of bridging the participants. Instead, District 1 EMAs followed hospital and healthcare coalition participants in using LiveProcess to collect  and collate all exercise information successfully.

“The fact that we could very readily bridge our district to the state and area beyond without  missing a beat says everything about LiveProcess.”

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