Managing ED Throughput and Patient Flow

Upholding a 15-minute emergency room guarantee

For many years Northern Nevada Medical Center has issued and met a 15-minute emergency room guarantee, attending to patients within fifteen minutes of their arrival. Continually delivering on its promise of responsiveness has earned the hospital an unheard-of 99% patient satisfaction rating — a number well beyond the multi-hour wait times of other area hospitals.

As ED census has risen steadily through the years (along with patient volumes across all departments), it has become more challenging to achieve the desired throughput, both in the ED and elsewhere in the hospital.

Here’s what NNMC found in LiveProcess: An emergency management platform that could be engaged to call emergency codes, to alert department heads about incoming supply shipments, to fill staff callouts, to prepare allied facilities for patient transfers, and to support hospital operations.

“LiveProcess is the biggest reason we expect to continue meeting the on-time guarantees in the ED and delivering the timely, compassionate care our patients need and deserve, said Kathy Codman, director of support services at NNMC.”

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