No Time for Training? No Problem! Georgia Health System Dives into LiveProcess to Manage COVID-19 Response

by | Apr 27, 2020


Long before the novel coronavirus was recognized as a deadly pandemic, Tift Regional Health System was looking for a better way to plan for and respond to emergencies. While they had a free platform paid for by the state, WebEOC just didn’t meet their needs.

“It was a light version. It didn’t even have an event board,” said Eddie Senkbeil, Emergency Management Coordinator. “When we had the hurricane last year, I wasn’t able to communicate with the clinics and I had no visibility.”

Tift reached out to LiveProcess, looking for a comprehensive solution that would meet their communication needs and provide a virtual command center, where they could coordinate response and track information and resources in real time.

Tift went live with LiveProcess Emergency Manager six weeks ago and hadn’t yet scheduled its training sessions when COVID-19 hit close to home.

“I had it for two weeks prior to activating the event log for coronavirus,” Senkbeil recalled. “I hadn’t even been trained at all. But it’s all so simple. I created my own event and incident command, and we’ve been running ever since. And I trained my boss in about 10 minutes.”

While Emergency Manager has not been rolled out to all 3,300 employees yet, the 18-member incident command team has been using LiveProcess to track inventories of personal protective equipment (PPE), share resource requests and status reports, and keep its hospitals and clinics updated on the latest guidance from state agencies and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Incident command has been impressed so far.

“They’re now seeing what I’ve been telling them for years: We needed something like LiveProcess,” Senkbeil said. “This pandemic is not like a hurricane where it’s all wrapped up in four or five days — this could go on for months and months.”

While Tifton is not Georgia’s epicenter for COVID-19, Albany is only 50 miles away and hospitals there have struggled with patient load. Tift takes the overflow, treating seven confirmed cases as of last week.

With the COVID-19 response expected to last months, Senkbeil appreciates the fact that he can access LiveProcess remotely, without being located in the command center.

“I was on at 5 this morning at home. I have LiveProcess on my laptop, my phone. I can get on it anywhere,” he said. “I absolutely love the system. It’s a very simple, very useful tool.”

Tift’s story is just one of the many customer stories we are hearing at LiveProcess as hospitals and health systems battle COVID-19. We will share more in the coming weeks.

And hearing from our customers has motivated us to bring this powerfully simple, web-based system to other health systems at no charge, to give them a leg up as they fight against COVID-19. Read our blog or press release to learn more about the LiveProcess COVID-19 Response Package.

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