LiveProcess Announces Nursing & Operations Apps for Hospitals

New mobile apps for healthcare delivery streamline coordination of patient care & transitions, discharge, staffing, transplants and hospital operations

Chelmsford, Mass. — September 19, 2016 — LiveProcess announced today five new healthcare mobile apps for patient care, hospital discharge, healthcare staffing, transplant teams and hospital operations. Healthcare organizations use LiveProcess apps to quietly and collaboratively manage routine and emergency situations, empowering hospital staff and public agencies to communicate and coordinate people, activities and resources from anywhere, across care boundaries.

The cloud-based LiveProcess apps announced today are purpose-built for enhancing healthcare delivery and simplify the coordination of a broad range of daily tasks and emergency situations. They are used on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops to provide real-time unified communication throughout a hospital or health system – via voice, SMS, email, fax, and pagers.

“These LiveProcess apps connect and mobilize hospital staff to help each role accomplish more in fewer steps and in less time,” said Terry Zysk, CEO at LiveProcess. “As a result, nurses have more time for patient care, staffing coordinators fill shift callouts in half the time, and discharge coordinators get patients placed faster. Situational awareness for hospital operations is improved, and transplant teams can see everyone’s status at a glance. With LiveProcess, one touch gets it done. Everything is done quickly and quietly.”

The real-time healthcare apps allow communication and coordination with fewer steps through the use of one-touch preprogrammed codes, requests, responses and contact lists. Automatic contact and user maintenance helps keep the system up-to-date for users and admins.

Five new apps for healthcare delivery
The new real-time healthcare mobile apps announced by LiveProcess today include:

LiveProcess Patient Care & Transitions allows nurses to simplify patient care coordination to improve quality of care every day. The app reduces time to care with preprogrammed codes, requests, actions and contact lists. Nurses can eliminate steps, call codes and alerts from bedside, and initiate physician consults instantly.

LiveProcess Discharge allows hospital discharge coordinators to optimize the discharge process to reduce time to discharge and minimize readmissions. The app helps to achieve a smooth discharge process, saving time on discharge phone calls to transition patients to home or to another care facility.

LiveProcess Staffing allows staffing coordinators to mobilize personnel to fill shift vacancies and respond to patient surges to maintain nurse to patient staffing ratios. Callouts are filled quickly with the right skillsets. At any time, available personnel can be contacted and brought in to achieve a balance of staff, census and acuity.

LiveProcess Transplants streamlines transplant team coordination to save precious time and help ensure successful transplants. The app helps to efficiently manage the many individuals, departments and schedules involved in organ transplants.

LiveProcess Operations helps keep hospital operations running smoothly with real-time operational response. The app helps operations staff to quickly resolve facilities incidents, mobilize staff and vendors to make repairs, and alert personnel to equipment outages and safety issues.

New website
LiveProcess has launched its new website at The site reflects customer interest in the company’s growing suite of applications for nursing, the emergency department (ED), hospital operations, and crisis and incident management.

About LiveProcess
Born in the crisis-oriented world of emergency management, LiveProcess has more than a decade of success enabling large and complex networks to plan for and respond to critical, catastrophic and time-sensitive incidents. We now bring our proven logistics and coordination expertise across healthcare settings, within and beyond hospital walls. Our healthcare mobile apps enable personnel to take control of situations and collaborate to resolve operational disruptions, urgent health needs and routine transitions in patient care.

Headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, more than 600 healthcare organizations and public agencies rely on LiveProcess’ unmatched mobile, SaaS solutions to effectively manage, analyze and respond to changing conditions.

Kelly Flood