Indiana Chooses LiveProcess Emergency Communications Platform

Industry-leading solution will integrate messaging/collaboration efforts across 155 Indiana facilities and enable emergency usage tracking and reporting

BURLINGTON, Mass. – July 6, 2015 – LiveProcess, the leader in critical event management solutions for healthcare, announced that it has been chosen by the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) to provide its emergency management platform to health care facilities and administrative offices statewide. ISDH represents the interests of 144 hospitals and other health care concerns across a continuum of care, as well as the agency’s 10 districts and the state office.

The deployment will enable all major healthcare facilities in Indiana to communicate within their own walls, with one another and with outside partner agencies using one seamless, fully unified messaging platform. Use of LiveProcess will strengthen the bond under the ISDH umbrella and allow facilities, regardless of their location, size and specialty, to collaborate in the coordinated delivery of care in emergency situations.

The decision to implement LiveProcess was driven by cuts in federal healthcare preparedness funding and the ISDH’s strong sense of responsibility to provide a statewide healthcare communication and situational awareness platform. Under the contract, LiveProcess will deploy 155 instances of its solution across the state; it will also provide onsite training of ISDH’s state and district personnel, as well as onsite support as those individuals train primary points of contact at each of the participating hospitals.

Another primary driver of the LiveProcess implementation was the need at the state level for a consolidated communication system that could track bed usage in emergency circumstances and inventory purchases made with funds provided by the Assistant Secretary of Preparedeness and Response (ASPR).

“As in any state, ISDH has a mandate to report to the federal government the number of beds used – by type, including ICU, burn unit, for example – during any emergency or disaster. To date, it has been difficult to track these numbers from individual hospitals and roll them up to the district and state levels. But as we unify communication under a single platform, LiveProcess will handle this function proficiently, also providing an inventory capability that allows us to chart ASPR-funded emergency equipment in use at the hospital, district and state levels. These benefits illustrate the value of state-wide integration of healthcare communication.” – Gerri Husband, director of hospital preparedness for ISDH

At the hospital level, emergency management coordinators are excited for two reasons. “The purchase of LiveProcess by the state is vital because it affords individual hospitals use of a leading-edge technology that it otherwise might be unable to purchase,” noted Ron Reitenour, who serves as both microbiology/HAZMAT coordinator for Riverview Health, Noblesville, Ind., and as chairman of the ISDH District 5 Hospital Preparedeness Planning Committee. “But more importantly, state-wide deployment will promote greater collaboration among facilities and improve the coordination of care across the state. This kind of regional and state-wide cooperation and knowledge-sharing will dramatically enhance our ability to address emerging crises that broad in scope and geographic impact. ”

“We are excited to be working with the state of Indiana to address their healthcare communication and collaboration agenda,” said Terry Zysk, chief executive officer of LiveProcess. “Our focus, as ever, is on providing the services and support necessary for this to be a very successful implementation for ISDH and the hospitals.”

About LiveProcess

Hundreds of hospitals and government health agencies across the U.S. use LiveProcess to quickly and effectively manage healthcare communication and care team coordination challenges. LiveProcess’ patented, web-based notification and collaboration tools enable immediate, ongoing communication and coordination of people, activities and resources. By providing system-wide collaboration within a facility, across a health system or throughout the community, LiveProcess empowers healthcare organizations to respond instantly in emergencies situations; this helps them get the right people to the right place at the right time.