How to Simplify Your Healthcare Worker Vaccination Program

by | Jan 22, 2021

Now that the US has approved vaccines for COVID-19, and more than 21 million healthcare workers are in line to receive their doses, how do we handle the logistics of distribution? Distributing vaccines on such a large scale is not so easy. Organizations across the country are struggling with rollout: Even though 31.2 million doses have been distributed, only 15.7 million have been administered.

With only about six hours to use each of the vial’s five doses once it is opened, a healthcare-worker vaccination program requires immense coordination to get the vaccines into people’s arms without wasting any. At a medical center in Mendocino County, Calif., 830 doses of the Moderna vaccine were at risk when a refrigeration unit failed—leaving the staff with only a two-hour window to find available vaccine candidates.

Simplify your vaccination management program

So how do you better orchestrate your vaccination program for employees? Many of our customers are using LiveProcess to track and monitor vaccine availability and expiration dates, surveying staff readiness, and recruiting walk-ins or standbys to avoid wasting doses. Here’s how they do it:

Spread awareness of vaccine availability

With LiveProcess, it is easy to share informational updates about the availability of vaccines, such as projected dates for vaccine arrival and details on how and when the vaccine will be distributed. Additionally, you can track vaccine quantity, type, location and expiration dates, making it easier to adjust your rollout plan as new doses arrive and others near expiration.

Survey employee readiness

Even before vaccines arrive on-site, some customers use LiveProcess to survey employee’s readiness to receive the vaccine, using quick survey questions with multiple choice responses, delivered to employees’ preferred devices.

Share clinic hours and registration instructions

Many customers use LiveProcess to alert employees about how to register for a vaccine appointment and to share rules for walk-ins or standbys. Other customers include links to online registration and/or a phone number to call, so employees can sign up for an appointment directly from the LiveProcess message.

Don’t waste a single drop of vaccine

No-shows and leftovers can result in wasted vaccines, due to the short usage window. Healthcare organizations use LiveProcess to reach out to no-shows and people on standby in real time, so they can immediately bring in more employees and use each valuable dose.

Ready to learn more? LiveProcess is quick to adopt across healthcare facilities. Contact us to get started now.

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