Hospital Ensures 100% Shift Coverage While Saving Time and Resources

Uses LiveProcess to respond to changing shift coverage needs

Medical City Fort Worth, formerly Plaza Medical Center, is one of the leading specialty hospitals in Texas. Ensuring adequate shift coverage for the 320-bed hospital had been a time-consuming responsibility — until LiveProcess was brought on to help automate the process.

Shift management is an important function for any enterprise, but it is the very lifeblood of a successful healthcare organization. The busier the hospital, the more essential it is to have a communication system to coordinate personnel effectively and ensure that no shifts are understaffed.

With primary and secondary care facilities as far as 90 miles away regularly referring patients to Medical City Fort Worth, maintaining appropriate levels of staff coverage is among the hospital’s highest priorities.

The hospital had the following shift coverage goals and needs:

  • Reduce the effort, time and cost associated with shift management
  • Replace a manual procedure of workforce management for ensuring staff coverage that was labor-intensive and time consuming
  • Coordinate personnel effectively to ensure total staff coverage at all times
  • Use automation to create operational efficiencies that scale and support the medical center as it keeps pace with the growing medical needs of the region

“It’s a win-win, by saving precious time and resources, and affording us total coverage throughout the work week,” said Monica Demar, staffing coordinator.

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