Hospital Paging

Simplify physician communication

Reduce overhead noise


Increase accountability

Quickly page the cardiologist on call


Page physicians individually, in groups, and by criteria


Access current contact groups for on-call physicians


Customize notifications with details

Ensure notifications are received by sending them directly to the recipients

Check for delivery status and response


Resend notification with one click

Hospital communication options promote physician responsiveness at Duncan Regional

The hospital replaced all the pagers in use by physicians, providing physicians with a hospital communication system that better serves the doctors themselves, hospital staff and patients.

Using LiveProcess allowed Duncan Regional to offer physicians multiple choices in how they could be contacted, including mobile phones, landlines, email or all of the above.

“With its programmed messaging, response and tracking capabilities, LiveProcess put process around communication and created more structure around how we respond to clinical events.”

-Michael Turner, PBX supervisor

More reliable than pagers, and quicker

Methodist Health System’s four hospitals began replacing pagers and overhead announcements with mobile alerting tools most staff were already carrying: their phones and other mobile devices.

For example, when EMS picks up a trauma case for Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, they call a dedicated emergency line in the ED, providing basic information about the incoming trauma case. The operator sends a notification with mostly pre-populated fields with details of the specific activation. The notification is sent to a pre-programmed group of recipients across the hospital, such as trauma surgeons, blood bank, clinical leaders, and radiology.

“Mansfield’s trauma notification has been great. It is more
reliable than the pagers, and quicker.”

– Wes Dunham, director of emergency management

Scenario: PBX operator pages a hospitalist on call

PBX operator console lists all pages for easy reference

No response from Dr. Nesmith

Operator resends page to Dr. Nesmith

Success! Tracking shows physician acknowledgement

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