ED Throughput

Shorten response times and increase patient satisfaction

Keep patients flowing through your ED with LiveProcess

Monitor ED at a glance with the National Emergency Department Overcrowding Scale (NEDOCS)
Ask department leaders to bump priority of ED orders when needed
Alert ED staff of incoming trauma, including stats and ETA
Dynamically redirect resources to supplement ED staff limiting LWBS

ED throughput, 15-minute response time & 99% ED patient satisfaction at Northern Nevada Medical Center

In LiveProcess, NNMC found an emergency management platform that could be engaged as a hospital communication system to call hospital emergency codes, to alert department heads about incoming supply shipments, to fill staff callouts, to prepare allied facilities for patient transfers, and to support hospital operations.

“LiveProcess is the biggest reason we expect to continue meeting the on-time guarantees in the ED and delivering the timely, compassionate care our patients need and deserve.”

– Kathy Codman, director of support services 

A defined process improves trauma response

Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, when EMS picks up a trauma case, they call a dedicated emergency line in the ED. EMS provides basic information regarding sex, age, and symptoms, which is shared in an incoming trauma notification using LiveProcess.

The notification reaches a pre-programmed group of recipients, such as trauma surgeons, blood bank, clinical leaders, and radiology. Most of the message fields are pre-populated with a few remaining for the operator to fill in of the specific activation.

“Mansfield’s trauma notification has been great. It is more
reliable than the pagers, and quicker.”

– Wes Dunham, director of emergency management

Keep leadership informed of ED status

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How hospital emergency departments benefit from using LiveProcess

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Stay ahead of overcrowding

by monitoring ED metrics and making them visible to leadership for decision making and intervention

emergency department throughput bullet

Improve patient satisfaction

by reducing delays and wait times

emergency department throughput bullet

Reduce turnaround time to admission

by proactively addressing obstacles affecting time to admit

LiveProcess empowers you to take control of emergent events and collaboratively resolve emergencies.