Nurse Staffing

Meet nurse-to-patient ratios and avoid call trees

Fill open shifts in much less time

Instantly connect with medical personnel individually, in pre-selected groups or across the hospital system to request coverage and determine availability.


Reach out to individuals and groups that meet your criteria


Use criteria such as name, group, skill or location


Customize notification templates easily


Use two-way communication to fill open shifts quickly


Create response options for recipients to choose from


Recipient selects a response option and sends

Real-time healthcare requires hospital communication solutions that address nurse staffing in real-time

100% coverage of open shifts while saving time and resources at Medical City Fort Worth

By deploying LiveProcess, a previously manual procedure has been automated, enabling the staffing coordinator to alert all or selected staff about shift openings with the push of a button.

The results have been striking:
• Reduced staffing coordinators by half
• From 70% coverage of shift vacancies to 100% coverage

“We are now able to fill all open shifts with a fraction of the time and effort that was previously required. The system is extremely easy to use, and affords me lots of flexibility in how I communicate.”

 Monica Demar, Staffing Coordinator, Medical City Fort Worth

Scenario: a nurse coordinator needs to cover callouts in an upcoming shift

Edit the pre-defined message

Use criteria to find registered nurses

Select 6 nurses with RN degrees and send

RN receives message on iPhone

RN responds with availability

Staffing coordinator tracks response to the request

Staffing coordinator sends an all-clear when the shift is filled

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How hospitals benefit from real-time adjustment to staffing levels

healthcare staffing bullet

Fill shift vacancies with the right skills

with less effort and in much less time

healthcare staffing bullet

Request additional coverage before shortage occurs

leverage FT nursing staff, and avoid the high cost of contract nursing services, when possible

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Provide nurses with early notification of coverage change

and allow nurses to plan their day/lives accordingly

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Maintain optimal nurse-patient ratios

for patient and nurse safety and job satisfaction

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Notify nurses long before they leave home

when changes to shift coverage occur, avoiding payment penalties

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Connect with targeted personnel via mobile device

individually, in groups, by skill or shift preference, and across the system, all with one touch

What nurse staffing coordinators do with LiveProcess

Alert all or selected staff of shift openings

individually, in groups and across the system 

Request coverage for upcoming vacancies

before a staffing shortage occurs

Track nurse staffing requests

in routine and unusual events, such as flu outbreaks

Ensure the proper mix of nursing skills

when filling nurse staffing callouts

Achieve a balance of nurses, census, acuity

Dynamically adjust nurse staffing levels to changes in demand

Anticipate nurse staffing needs

by analyzing requests under normal and crisis situations

LiveProcess empowers you to take control of emergent situations and get people and resources to where they need to be quickly