Keep Facility Operations Running Smoothly

Continuity of operations requires real-time mobile hospital communication and coordination solutions

Communicating during a ransomware attack

One hospital with LiveProcess suffered the loss of the great majority of its clinical and business information services. Employees and contractors were able to use mobile devices and home computers to connect with one another via LiveProcess, from inside and outside the facility, without having to access the hospital’s network.

The staff was updated regularly using the multi-way communication capability of the LiveProcess platform, with IT providing up-to-the-minute guidance on how to bring affected devices and systems back onto the network, thereby reducing calls to the help desk.

How operations staff ensure continuity of hospital operations with LiveProcess

Alert staff when a system is unavailable

that the CT scanner or any other system or department is down, so they can reschedule patients

Manage safety risk

Notify facilities, housecleaning or clinical staff of a safety issue that requires immediate attention

Communicate during a cyber-attack

Use mobile devices and home computers to connect employees

Dispatch security teams

and initiate incident response protocols to deal with workplace violence

Route after-hours and weekend requests

Route requests for IT assistance to the team member on call

Mobile facilities staff and vendors

to make urgent and routine repairs

How hospital business operations benefit from LiveProcess

hospital operations bullet

Notify people faster and
more efficiently, rapidly sharing situational analysis

When dealing with healthcare system outages, minutes matter in determining the scope and impact of an outage

hospital operations bullet

Reach the right people
directly with a consistent message, reducing errors and misinformation

Ensure greater accuracy and timeliness of message delivery, ensuring the same message gets to everyone

hospital operations bullet

Use structured communication to increase efficiency and reduce errors

Putting process and structure around routine communication-based workflows saves valuable time and effort

hospital operations bullet

Reach whole groups at a
moments’ notice, minimizing risk to safety and security

Preloaded contacts and flexible grouping lets you reach whole groups of people in one step, mitigating the risk of spreading a virus for example

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