Alerts & Emergency Codes

Reduce time to treatment

Call Alerts & Hospital Emergency Codes

Time is tissue, so mobilize the right people quickly and directly.

Quickly mobilize response teams for STEMI, Code Blue, Code Stroke and more
Provide context so response team is ready  upon arrival
Create a quieter environment with less overhead paging
Initiate any alert from any location
Life-threatening conditions require rapid, flawless response

Improving clinical outcomes to time-critical medical conditions at Northern Nevada Medical Center

“In areas like stroke, there are Joint Commission-mandated response times, and with LiveProcess, we are exceeding those requirements. In addition, when we call codes, LiveProcess automatically notifies managers and directors so they can track the incident and know that we have hit our metrics.”

 Kathy Codman, Director of Support Services, Northern Nevada Medical Center

STEMI, Stroke, Sepsis: Alerts for rapid response to acute conditions

Duncan Regional Hospital has created specific medical codes to alert designated groups about acute conditions, such as stroke, heart attack or sepsis. Should a septic patient arrive in the ER, or if a patient becomes septic while in the hospital, a quick message alerts a fast team for sepsis, automatically coordinates the response, and allows them to intervene quickly before the patient’s condition deteriorates.

How hospitals and health systems benefit from LiveProcess

code calling bullet

Prevent failure to rescue (FTR)

Lower mortality rate and reduce failure to rescue with faster, better coordinated responses

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Notify people faster and more efficiently, increasing responsiveness

When dealing with patient lives, time is tissue

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Reach the right people directly, with a consistent message

Ensure greater accuracy and timeliness of message delivery with pre-programmed codes, avoiding errors & safety risks

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Reach people regardless of location

A hospitalist in the parking lot won’t hear an overhead page, but will receive the LiveProcess message

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Reach whole groups at a moments’ notice

Preloaded contacts and flexible grouping lets you reach whole groups in one step

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Structured communication increases efficiency

Putting process and structure around routine communication-based workflows saves valuable time and effort

Operator calls a code blue

Recipient gets the code blue alert

Recipient sends a confirmation

Sender tracks delivery and responses

Sender can see who confirmed receipt

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LiveProcess empowers you to take control of emergent situations and get people and resources to where they need to be quickly