Hospital Communication

Real-time enterprise-wide coordination
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Achieve individual, group, and enterprise-wide notification and response

Coordinate across boundaries seamlessly

Resolve adverse events more rapidly by reaching an individual, a team, a department or your entire staff in moments — with a single, open and flexible communication and coordination platform.


Improve patient flow


Provide transparent communication


Quickly comprehend the scope of a situation


Mobilize multiple resources at once


Improve efficiency and agility


Share situational updates across departments


Resolve an outage or implement a workaround quickly 

Enterprise-wide hospital communication and coordination requires a real-time collaboration platform

LiveProcess supports hospital communication in and across every department

Fill Open Shifts for Patient Safety

See how this hospital achieves 100% coverage of open nursing shifts while saving time and resources.

Improve Patient Flow for Lower Cost Care and Higher Patient Satisfaction

See what this medical center does to meet 15-minute response time guarantees and achieve 99% patient satisfaction scores in the emergency department (ED).

Alerts & Codes Save Time & Tissue

See how this hospital is exceeding Joint Commission-mandated response times for stroke.

Simplify Paging for Physicians and PBX Operators

This hospital eliminated physician pagers and let physicians choose how they could be contacted, including voice or texts on mobile phones, landlines, email, or all of the above. 

Optimize Facility Operations & Logistics

During a ransomware attack, this hospital was able to keep staff, executives and IT up to date and maintain healthcare delivery continuity.

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LiveProcess empowers you to take control of emergent situations and get people and resources to where they need to be quickly