Healthcare IT Today: A Virtual Situation Management System’s Experience with COVID-19

Coming out of disasters like Hurricane Katrina, healthcare had a lot of lessons learned.  Healthcare IT Today’s John Lynn saw session after session at conferences about how healthcare organizations were and weren’t prepared for the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina.  While it was a tragedy, one slight silver lining is that many healthcare organizations learned a lot from those who had experienced the disaster how their healthcare organization could better prepare for disasters that might hit them.

Plus, out of the tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina came companies like LiveProcess, which created a real-time virtual situation management system to make sure healthcare was prepared for future crisis.  It makes sense that healthcare organizations need a way to respond to various situations healthcare faces and the technology and process to make it happen.  And that’s true whether it’s a hurricane, a code blue event within the hospital, or COVID-19.

To learn a little more about LiveProcess and their experience amidst COVID-19, Lynn sat down with Terry Zysk, CEO of LiveProcess, to discuss how LiveProcess came to be and to hear some of the stories from their healthcare customers amidst COVID-19.  We also talk with Zysk about how COVID-19 is different from other crisis situations they were dealing with before and what a real-time virtual situation management platform should include to be effective.  Finally, we talk about whether you can implement new technology in the middle of the crisis or not and what other crisis may be missing our attention because we’re so focused on COVID-19.

If you want to learn about crisis management and how you can better prepare your healthcare organization for the next crisis you’ll enjoy this video with Zysk from LiveProcess.