Healthcare Innovation – Public Health: Emergency Management Healthcare Coalition Proves Valuable in Riverside County

Shared platform provides situational awareness to California county’s 17 acute-care hospitals, clinics and SNFs during pandemic

During the pandemic some regions have experienced difficulty sharing real-time updates across health systems, skilled nursing facilities and public health. But in Riverside County, Calif., a 10-year-old healthcare emergency management coalition has been aided by a set of procedures and a common platform for sharing critical information.

A key to the coalition’s capabilities, [Carolina Gonzalez, M.P.H., program coordinator for the coalition led by the Riverside County Emergency Management Department] said, is the fact that all members agreed to use the same technology platform, LiveProcess, which offers a secure, real-time virtual situation management system built for healthcare systems to dynamically rebalance business and clinical operations to meet demand while managing quality of care, employee and patient safety and financial risk.