Emergency Management Platform for Public Agencies

Keep your community safe
Continuity of care for a community under siege requires preparation and collaboration across the region

Hospitals connect across the district for metro-area emergency preparedness drill

When Indiana Health District 1 emergency management agencies participated in a drill conducted by the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Emergency Preparedness Coalition, the partner agencies’ emergency management system (EMS) did not deliver the required capabilities during the exercise. It was replaced quickly by LiveProcess Emergency Manager.

“The fact that we could very readily bridge our district to the state and area beyond without missing a beat says everything about LiveProcess.”

– Emery Garwick, EMS/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Methodist Hospitals and Chairman, Indiana District 1

Connecting 35 facilities in a healthcare coalition

The County of Riverside Emergency Management Department (EMD) regularly tests the communication network among itself and coalition healthcare facilities, ensuring they can share information, mobilize resources and provide guidance from a big-picture perspective.

Using one platform for situational awareness across all healthcare facilities allows Riverside County to quickly gather status reports and resource requests, make the appropriate plans and get the resources moving quickly.

“Having a single platform eliminated a lot of the mistakes, issues, and information gaps that we used to have.” 

– Ramon Leon, Program Chief of Preparedness Division at County of Riverside EMD

Why public agencies use LiveProcess

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Provide hospitals with a communication and coordination system

For every day and in emergencies

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Ensure hospitals have a tool that is easy to use

even for non-emergency management professionals

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Communicate and coordinate across boundaries

Provide updates, share resources, track activities in real-time

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Deploy resources across the community and region

Allocate resources where they are most needed

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Tailor notifications to specific audiences

to avoid mass panic from one-message-fits-all notifications

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Foster resiliency and crisis responsiveness 

By conducting community-wide exercises regularly

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Rapidly assess and contain the scope of a situation

Leverage the flexibility of a distributed, open platform

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Orchestrate response to large-scale events efficiently

Leverage the power of centralized state and federal resources for the benefit of the community

One platform for all phases of emergency management across your region

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Integrate incident command structures across states, regions and facilities

Prepare for threats to public safety and interruptions to healthcare delivery

Ensure continuous communication across your care delivery network

Coordinate with public safety and community partners

Strengthen community resiliency with system-wide exercises

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Receive alerts whenever  incident command activates in your region

Reach your mobile resources quickly

Centrally orchestrate a coordinated response to high-risk events

Share news and updates across a regional coalition

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Expand real-time situational awareness across a region

Share emergency and public health information

Enable emergency management at facility, region and state levels

Proactively monitor event progression anywhere in your region

Disseminate shared resources to close gaps

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Generate after action reports (AARs) automatically

Keep a central repository for exercise and event documentation

Maintain event logs for analysis and compliance reporting

Gain a centralized view of shared resource availability

Leverage insight to improve efficiency, safety and resiliency

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LiveProcess empowers hospitals, healthcare systems, and public agencies to plan for and respond to emergencies and disasters, providing communities with continuity of care in difficult and changing situations