Keep Cool in Critical Situations

LiveProcess makes it easier to prepare for and respond to emergencies
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Proven system for all phases of emergency management — purpose-built for healthcare

Evaluate vulnerabilities
Provide mass notification and real-time updates
Establish incident command
Achieve real-time situational awareness
Foster resiliency
Coordinate, accelerate and track response
Real-time emergency management requires real-time mobile communication and collaboration solutions

LiveProcess supports healthcare emergency management

at every level of healthcare organization and agency

See how hospital systems communicate across facility boundaries to manage emergency events, such as ransomware and pandemics.

See how hospitals use LiveProcess to prepare for and respond to severe weather events, allowing everyone to focus on their job and their duties.

See how long-term care — including SNFs, nursing homes, and continuing care communities — can ensure continuity of operations and communications.

See how regular testing of the communication network and drills on emergency management procedures ensure community readiness in crisis situations. 

Learn more about LiveProcess Emergency Manager

LiveProcess empowers hospitals, healthcare systems, and public agencies to plan for and respond to emergencies and disasters, providing communities with continuity of care in difficult and changing situations