LiveProcess Launches ED Coordinator for Emergency Departments

New software platform enhances the efficiency of patient throughput and raises the quality of care in emergency services

BURLINGTON, Mass. — September 28, 2015 — LiveProcess, the leader in team communication and collaboration solutions in healthcare, has released a solution designed expressly for improving throughput efficiency in hospital emergency services. By enabling instant, accurate two-way communication and mobilization among teams and across facilities, ED Coordinator helps the Emergency Department overcome its biggest obstacles to efficient patient flow: staffing shortages, overcapacity and service bottlenecks caused by code alerts.

ED Coordinator is the newest product in the LiveProcess suite of healthcare collaboration solutions.

“ED Coordinator addresses many issues that are specific to Emergency Medicine, such as ensuring that patients are seen in a timely fashion by appropriate clinical staff”. Terry Zysk, LiveProcess CEO

The software helps accelerate patient flow in and through the ED, and streamline transition to inpatient care, transfer to a subacute care facility or discharge to home. By ensuring that administrators can align resources according to a fluctuating demand, ED Coordinator helps the Emergency Services division achieve improved patient and staff satisfaction and a higher standard of care while also helping to contain costs.

“While our core product has demonstrated its strengths as a versatile and scalable healthcare collaboration platform, we have learned that a number of clinical functions within the hospital face challenges that are unique to their operation,” said Terry Zysk, CEO of LiveProcess. “ED Coordinator addresses many issues that are specific to Emergency Medicine, such as ensuring that patients are seen in a timely fashion by appropriate clinical staff. In fact, early trial customers have already reported a dramatic reduction in a vital ED metric, Leaving Without Being Seen [LWBS].”

ED Coordinator is rich in features designed to facilitate emergency department patient throughput. The platform affords streamlined management of contacts and groups, with manual or automatic updating of contact information. Pre-templated clinical codes and response protocols are easy to activate, while click-to-call and quick-notify functionality make it simple to engage staff, via multiple devices and communication methods, with the push of a button.

By incorporating metrics regarding ED overcrowding and work standards (as issued by the National Emergency Department Overcrowding Scale [NEDOCS] and Emergency Department Work Index [EDWIN]), ED Coordinator guides personnel to real-time assessments of a facility’s patient census and staffing conditions relative to accepted industry standards.

“ED Coordinator markedly simplifies the management of staffing and patient flow in the ED,” said Zysk. “From ER admission and triage to discharge and clinical transition, every aspect of a patient’s experience is improved by better interaction among staff and faster mobilization of needed resources.”

About LiveProcess

LiveProcess, a suite of team communication and coordination solutions, fuels productivity and throughput of healthcare delivery systems. Over 450 healthcare organizations rely on LiveProcess to open communication pathways, drive care team collabo­ration and accelerate response. LiveProcess is the bridge between departments, the health system net­work and the community.


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