Free COVID-19 Response Package for Health Systems

Expedite a coordinated response

Why health systems use LiveProcess for COVID-19 response

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Stay aware and informed as the situation evolves

Continuously share status and policy and procedure updates across the organization to ensure all staff acts on the most accurate information

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Tackle critical supply challenges

Monitor PPE levels across the organization, rapidly identify and address shortages

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Reallocate supplies and labor pool to areas in need

Orchestrate reallocation of supplies and labor pool from one hospital or region to another, across your health system

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Conduct employee well-being checks prior to each shift

Manage and track the well-being of your staff and their exposure to the virus

Let information flow across your organization without friction. Keep everyone informed continuously. With LiveProcess you have a clear vantage point across your entire organization.

Many health systems are struggling with the onslaught of information, issues, roadblocks and more that arise during a large-scale situation like the COVID-19 pandemic.

We see how our customers are effectively sharing information, expediting response and monitoring the well-being of their staff by leveraging LiveProcess.

That’s why LiveProcess is offering a no-charge, no-strings-attached COVID-19 Response Package for eligible U.S. health systems.

The package provides a virtual situation center for the coordination and management of your health system’s response to COVID-19 as it affects your organization, your staff and your community.

– Terry Zysk, CEO of LiveProcess

“It’s so simple. It’s all right there. I created my own event, incident command, and we’ve been running ever since. I showed my other hospital, and they love it too.”

– Eddie Senkbeil, Emergency Management Coordinator at Tift Regional Medical Center

To be prepared for a disease outbreak, Florida Hospital bridged facilities — with each other and with community institutions — and connected personnel with varying responsibilities and work schedules. 

“Time management and composure are of the essence in urgent situations, and LiveProcess can help anyone charged with duties around such a circumstance to act quickly, decisively and with confidence.”

– Amanda Freeman, Emergency Management Coordinator at Florida Hospital

The COVID-19 Response Package is designed exclusively for the coordination and management of your organization’s response to COVID-19 as it affects the operation of your organization, the well-being of your staff, and the availability of critical resources. Its purpose is to enable and expedite a coordinated response by your medical centers, regional offices and corporate health system. The package is built on LiveProcess Emergency Manager, a proven system for emergency preparedness planning, mobilization, coordination and tracking in numerous biological outbreaks and weather-related crises since 2004.

To leverage the capabilities of LiveProcess there are no apps to install. It simply works on any device with a browser and the intuitive interface helps people get started in minutes. The package is available for a three month term at no-charge and with no strings attached.

The package includes:

  • A virtual situation center for shared awareness, information dissemination, resource tracking and coordination
  • Ready-to-use templates for hazard vulnerability analysis and to establish your incident command structure
  • Critical alerting with structured messaging and a pool of notification units
  • Custom surveys to track availability of shared resources throughout the health system
  • A common document repository for sharing policies and procedures, incident action plans and more
  • After-action reports, automatically generated, that document your response and facilitate a timely hot wash
  • System set up and configuration for use by your health system and associated medical centers
  • 7×24 hotline for support for up to two primary points of contact
  • Unlimited access to eLearning programs and how-to videos

This package is a limited time offer. 



LiveProcess empowers hospitals, healthcare systems, and public agencies to plan for and respond to emergencies and disasters, providing communities with continuity of care in difficult and changing situations