Florida Hospital Case Study

A fatal pandemic infection calls for instant response and coordination

Infectious disease can spread across the world. In the event of a disease outbreak such as Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Ebola or Zika — hospital administrators, clinicians and staff must be equipped to respond instantly.

A detailed plan of action — integrating elements of treatment, patient isolation, staff preparedness, and facilities and personnel management — must be carefully formulated and made ready for activation at a moment’s notice.

LiveProcess: Robust enough for Ebola case management

“Because it’s a highly contagious virus, Ebola poses a unique threat to a healthcare facility and the population it serves,” said Amanda Freeman, Florida Hospital’s emergency management coordinator. “Time is of the essence. Efficient and accurate information sharing is critical in order for the patient to receive the best care possible and for virus containment.”

In preparing for an infectious disease event, Freeman knew she would need the power of an emergency management platform that could bridge facilities — with each other and with community institutions — and connect personnel who held varying responsibilities and work schedules.

Florida Hospital had implemented LiveProcess years earlier, so when the time came to develop a response program for the most heightened situation imaginable — the presentation of a contagion like Ebola — she already had the solution in place.

Florida Hospital uses LiveProcess Emergency Manager for pandemic preparedness, hazmat spills and more. Find out how and why.

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