Efficient patient care requires mobile solutions for care coordination

Whether you need to transfer a patient to another floor or have an urgent code at the patient bedside, there are a lot of steps involved to get people moving. With LiveProcess, one touch gets it done, instantly.

What hospital clinicians do with LiveProcess

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Take action when a patient’s status changes

by consulting a hospitalist or other physician instantly

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Call codes with a single touch

without leaving the patient’s side

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Expedite patient transitions

including bed availability, patient transportation and discharge

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Eliminate trips to the nurses station

by coordinating care with hospital staff from anywhere

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Mobilize resources in less time

with one touch, using preprogrammed codes and responses

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Spend more time with patients

and less time on care coordination tasks and waiting for call backs

How hospitals benefit from LiveProcess Patient Care & Transitions

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Increase time for patient care

by eliminating steps and streamlining care coordination

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Eliminate overhead noise

and let patients rest by calling codes quietly without overhead paging

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Reduce risk and increase patient safety

by calling call codes from your own device, without leaving the patient’s side

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Improve the quality of care

with faster response and more nursing

increase patient satisfaction scores

Increase patient satisfaction

by reducing delays and being more responsive to patients

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Automate communication for care coordination

with preprogrammed requests, responses and contact lists

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Reduce readmissions

By freeing nurses to spend more time on quality care

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Reduce length of stay

with seamless care coordination

LiveProcess Staffing

Optimize healthcare staffing

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