Patient flow in the hospital requires on-time hospital discharge

Whether transitioning care to a patient’s home or to a rehabilitation care facility, achieving a smooth hospital patient discharge process demands a high degree of transition-of-care coordination, within and beyond the hospital walls. With LiveProcess, one touch gets it done, instantly.

What hospital discharge coordinators do with LiveProcess

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Manage and automate

complex care transition logistics with individuals and groups, in network and out of network

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Locate and secure beds

in nursing and rehabilitation facilities, and engage home healthcare services

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Order NEMT

for non-emergency medical transport to the patient’s new placement

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Arrange for delivery

of durable medical equipment and alert the pharmacy to the patient’s imminent discharge

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Follow the correct steps

every time to maximize the use of in-network resources and follow hospital discharge procedures

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Facilitate physician sign-off

electronically from the doctor’s mobile device

How hospitals benefit from LiveProcess Discharge

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Improve on-time hospital discharge

and keep patients flowing and on schedule

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Coordinate transitions-of-care services

instantly via email, voice or text to internal and external resources

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Improve patient satisfaction

scores with on-time hospital discharge

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Boost efficiency

of hospital discharge coordination with prepared messages, recipients, responses, and lists

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Save time and steps

with two-way transitions-of-care coordination

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Minimize readmissions

by ensuring that all aspects of the hospital discharge process are followed through

LiveProcess Discharge

Optimize hospital discharge

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