Real-time healthcare requires real-time healthcare staffing solutions

You need to bring in personnel in response to staff callouts and higher patient volume, but there are a lot of team communications involved to fill shift vacancies with the right skills. With LiveProcess, one touch gets it done, instantly.

What healthcare staffing coordinators do with LiveProcess

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Connect with personnel

individually, in groups and across the system with one touch

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Request coverage for upcoming shift vacancies

before a shortage occurs

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Achieve a balance of staff, census and acuity

Dynamically adjust healthcare staffing levels to changes in demand

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Ensure the proper mix of skills

when filling healthcare staffing callouts

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Track healthcare staffing requests

under routine and unusual circumstances, such as flu outbreaks

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Anticipate staffing needs

by analyzing requests under normal and crisis situations

How hospitals benefit from LiveProcess Staffing

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Fill shift vacancies

for nurses and other personnel in much less time

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Anticipate healthcare staffing needs

by tracking and analyzing past staffing requests

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Maintain proper nurse staffing ratios

for patient and nurse safety and satisfaction

Medical City Fort Worth

By deploying LiveProcess, a previously manual procedure has been automated at Medical City Fort Worth, enabling the coordinator to alert all or selected staff about shift openings with the push of a button.

The results have been striking:
• Reduced staffing coordinators by half
• From 70% coverage of shift vacancies to 100%

“We are now able to fill all open shifts with a fraction of the time and effort that was previously required. The system is extremely easy to use, and affords me lots of flexibility in how I communicate.
Monica Demar, Staffing Coordinator, Medical City Fort Worth

LiveProcess Staffing

Optimize healthcare staffing

Medical City Fort Worth

Saves time and resources on nurse staffing while covering all shifts

Emergency Department ED Coordinator Coordination - screenshot

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