Real-time emergency response tracking requires event logging

Automatically tracking all messages and activity is essential for healthcare organizations and public agencies to effectively evaluate and document an emergency response. With LiveProcess, one touch gets it done, instantly.

Here are a few ways you can use LiveProcess to track your emergency response

emergency response solution

Track activities and outcomes in real time

to improve situational awareness, realign strategies and deploy resources rapidly during an event

emergency response solution

Maximize shared resources

Identify, track and assign equipment and supplies available – how many, by type, unit cost, where located, and expiration date

Automatically generate after action reports (AAR)

after an event is closed to inform and guide process improvements

emergency response solution

Track movement of tagged victims

to triage and move them to care settings

emergency response solution

Track and assess NIMS institutional compliance,

identify gaps in emergency response plans and make corrections for the future

emergency response solution

Incorporate Joint Commission guidelines

as an option, allowing you to use after action reports to assess compliance

Why our customers use LiveProcess to track emergency response

emergency response solution

Saves information for after action reports (AAR)

needed to demonstrate Joint Commission compliance

emergency response solution

Logs a complete record

of all messages, sent and received, including sidebar conversations for after-action reports (AAR)

emergency response solution

Compliance reports are formatted for NIMS

(National Incident Management System) and can be extended for Joint Commission (JCO) reporting

emergency response solution

Automatic updates to compliance requirements

including annual changes from NIMS and the Joint Commission

“When you examine LiveProcess as an EMS suite, you come to understand that it’s truly a ‘one-stop shopping’ solution for emergency preparedness.

“From easy configuration and training to planning and routine communication, from emergency response to after-action reporting and documentation, LiveProcess is a true end-to-end solution.”

– Eric Swanson, Director of Emergency Preparedness, Tillamook Regional Medical Center

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