Real-time emergency management requires emergency preparedness planning

Emergency preparedness planning is essential for healthcare organizations and public agencies to manage crisis situations – small and large. LiveProcess cuts preparedness planning time with prepared HVA templates, incident command structures (ICS), job action sheets (JAS), contacts tools, and more.

Here are a few ways you can use LiveProcess for emergency preparedness planning

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Conduct a hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA)

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Demonstrate compliance

with the Joint Commission, NIMS, HFAP, DNV and others

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Set up an Emergency Operation Plan (EOP)

or Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) with step-by-step incident action plans (IAP)

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Cut exercise planning time

for preparedness training coordination with one organization or many

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Size incident command to fit your organization

with templated job action sheets (JAS)

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Identify your disaster response resources

including people, equipment, supplies, and community and coalition partners

How our customers use LiveProcess to conduct a hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA)

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Identify hazards, assess risks

and determine vulnerabilities

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Identify impacts

to humans, property and businesses

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Assess your readiness

with preloaded HVA instruments for natural disasters, infrastructure failures, security risks and mass casualty events

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Produce HVA rollups

across a hospital

Identify all your disaster response resources

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Identify the right people and skills

by hazard, roles, skills and certifications

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Integrate hospitals

with emergency response and public agencies

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Organize your team and resources

including people, equipment and supplies

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Make connections to partner resources

to improve situational awareness and tie into a broader response network

Streamline emergency preparedness training, exercises and evaluations for individual organizations and partner networks

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Plan your response

with templated job action sheets developed in compliance with Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)

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Maintain a trusted document source

so everyone has access to the same up-to-date resources

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Execute drills with less preparation

with pre-formatted training exercises

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Plan and drill

to gain visibility into emergency preparedness for internal and external groups, and with local and regional agencies

I can easily say that I cut my exercise planning time in half. I was able to focus more on whom to involve and how to get even more detailed with the exercise injects.”

–  Fred Conley, MD, Preston County’s Health Officer

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