Real-time emergency response requires a multi-way coordinated response

Coordinating emergency response is essential for healthcare organizations and public agencies to effectively respond to hazard situations – small and large. With LiveProcess, one touch gets it done, instantly.

Here are a few ways you can use LiveProcess to coordinate emergency response

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Coordinate real-time emergency response

with individuals and groups, internal and external to your organization

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Create a real-time trusted news feed

that extends situational awareness to your organization, coalition members and partner networks

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Adjust as the event unfolds

Assign new tasks, post messages, ask a question, document activity, and track inventory

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Report on resource availability and victim status

Identify available beds (HAvBED) by type, equipment, supplies, and tagged victims for transport

Report on resource availability and victim status

Share situation reports by department

so everyone knows what is happening, all in one place

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Increase situational awareness every day

Routinely log large and small incidents across the organization or region to coordinate transportation, manage outages and more

Why our customers use LiveProcess to coordinate their emergency response

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Sends mass notifications

Instantly share information from one person with all relevant individuals at once

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Saves a complete record

of all messages, sent and received, for after-action reports (AARs)

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Ease of use simplifies coordination

for non-emergency professionals

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Encourages use of existing devices

Participants can readily use their own devices to access information from anywhere

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Keeps all participants apprised

of the evolving situation, activity, status updates, and notifications – regardless of location

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Multi-modal communication

lets each person choose their preferred method – voice, SMS, email, fax, and pager

How you can coordinate resources and needs with LiveProcess

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Identify and assign equipment and supplies

such as how many, by type, unit cost, where located, and expiration date

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Post HAvBED status

Share hospital available beds by type in emergencies and disasters

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Post and fill resource needs

by coordinating with a coalition members and community partners

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Track movement of tagged victims

to triage and move them to care settings

“We were amazed how quickly things got rolling. It’s hard to staff a command center 24/7 for a full week, but LiveProcess obviated that to a great extent. The platform allowed us to do most of the work remotely and actually more efficiently with the event log and real-time communication tools it has.

“Everyone got the information they needed quickly and efficiently. Everyone was on the same page—literally—and the platform really enhanced the way we did incident command here at the hospital.”

– Rachel Hedstrom, Communications Staffer, Children’s Medical Center

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