Life-threatening conditions require rapid, flawless responses to alerts

When a patient presents with an acute critical condition, such as ischemic stroke or sepsis, lower mortality rates start with efficient code calling. With LiveProcess, one touch gets it done, instantly.

What emergency room coordinators do with LiveProcess

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Instantly mobilize

a cross-department acute care team for a patient presenting with symptoms of sepsis

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Manage patient flow

by coordinating the crisis response team and ED personnel

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Immediately alert groups and individuals

with one touch

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Alert staff

to the impending arrival by ambulance of an ischemic stroke patient

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Manage and automate logistics

for the emergency department from the palm of your hand

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Notify via each person’s preferred mode

Voice, SMS, email, fax, pager – without overhead paging

How emergency departments benefit from LiveProcess Critical Codes

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Prevent FTR

Lower mortality rate and reduce failure to rescue with faster, better coordinated responses

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Reach the right people

Ensure greater accuracy and timeliness of message delivery

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Save time calling codes

and getting responses with multi-way communication

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Call codes quietly

without the noise of an overhead paging system

Northern Nevada Medical Center

“In areas like stroke, there are Joint Commission-mandated response times, and with LiveProcess, we are exceeding those requirements. When we call codes, LiveProcess automatically notifies managers and directors so they can track the incident and know that we have hit our metrics.”

 Kathy Codman, Director of Support Services, Northern Nevada Medical Center

Northern Nevada Medical Center

Improves response & patient satisfaction

ED Coordination

Keep patients flowing

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