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Real-time healthcare coordination

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Reach an individual, a team, a department or your entire staff in moments

Resolve adverse events more rapidly — with a single, open and flexible communication and coordination platform.


Improve patient flow


Provide transparent communication


Quickly comprehend the scope of a situation


Mobilize multiple resources at once


Improve efficiency and agility


Share situational updates across departments


Resolve an outage or implement a workaround quickly

LiveProcess supports healthcare delivery in and across every department

Fill Open Shifts

See how this hospital achieves 100% coverage of open nursing shifts while saving time and resources.

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Improve Patient Flow

See what this medical center does to meet 15-minute response time guarantees and achieve 99% patient satisfaction scores in the emergency department (ED).

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Alerts & Codes Save Time & Tissue

See how this hospital is exceeding Joint Commission-mandated response times for stroke.

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Agile Healthcare: The Communication and Coordination Challenge

In hospital settings, communication and information exchange is handled by a patchwork of systems and devices such as nurse call, overhead announcements, telephones, pagers, and more. Imagine a nurse reaching a physician for a consult on the first try – nearly every time. That’s the power of agile healthcare communication.

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