Multi-Way Real-Time Communication & Coordination System for Healthcare Organizations

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Purpose-built for healthcare

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Bring your own device (BYOD)

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Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS)

LiveProcess Communicator helps you respond, adapt and react to changing care needs in real time

From the palm of your hand, using the smartphone or tablet you already own

  • Create, send and track messages and notifications to one or more individuals with one click.
  • Contact people via voice, SMS, pager, fax or email – it even translates your messages automatically.
  • Use predefined or custom message templates to mobilize people and resources.
  • Track and review delivery status and responses.
  • No apps to download, no hardware to buy – just login from your browser.

LiveProcess Communicator

5 users
100 contacts
1,000 notification units

$169 per month


10 users
250 contacts
2,500 notification units

$249 per month

20 users
500 contacts
5,000 notification units

$399 per month

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Add users, contacts and notification units as your needs grow.

Your subscription provides a specific number of user accounts, contact records and notification units.

  • Voice, pager and SMS messages consume notification units, based on their length.
    • Typically one minute of voice consumes one notification unit.
    • One 128-character SMS message consumes one notification unit.
    • Unused notification units roll over each month for later use, until they expire after 12 months.
  • Usage that exceeds a subscription limit will be charged overages.
    • Overage rates: $10/user, $1/contact, $0.20/notification unit
    • Overages accrue daily and are billed monthly
  • Avoid overages by adding more user accounts, contact records and notification units in advance, as shown at right.

Add Contacts

+50 contacts: $39

+100 contacts: $69

+250 contacts: $119

Add Users

+5 users: $39

+10 users: $69

+20 users: $119

Add Notification Units

+2,500: $375

+5,000: $625

+10,000: $1,000

Questions & answers

Do I need to install any software or hardware? Are software updates included?

LiveProcess Communicator is a browser-based cloud solution. Updates are automatic. There is no software or hardware to install.

Can we use smartphones and tablets?

LiveProcess Communicator is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

What web browsers can we use?

Internet Explorer v10 or higher, and the most current versions of Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

How do we maintain contacts?

Contacts are easily created and maintained by users with administrative rights.

Can user accounts be transferred?


How do I cancel my subscription?

Have your Administrator sign into the Administrator application and cancel the subscription. Cancel at least 24 hours before your monthly renewal billing date to allow time for processing to avoid renewal charges. NOTE: After cancellation, your subscriptions and account remain active until the next billing date.

Can I see a demo first?

Certainly! Join a webinar or request a personal demo.

Questions? Call 888.400.2673, email or submit a contact request.