About us

Born in the crisis-oriented world of emergency management, LiveProcess has more than a decade of success enabling large and complex networks to plan for and respond to critical, catastrophic and time-sensitive incidents. Our cloud-based platform enable personnel to take control of emergent events and collaborate to resolve operational disruptions, urgent health needs and routine transitions in patient care.
Headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, LiveProcess supports more than 600 healthcare organizations and public agencies who rely on LiveProcess to effectively manage, analyze and respond to changing conditions.

Learn about our customers and how they use LiveProcess in these customer stories.

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Rapid coordination

lets you take control of emergent events

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Communication for any situation

across a health system

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Healthcare emergency management

for every type of healthcare organization

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Purpose-built for healthcare

Our expertise brings together emergency management and healthcare delivery across our mobile apps

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Easy to learn and use

Intuitive interface allows users to quickly adopt the solution

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Trusted vendor with scalable systems

Cloud-based data centers and multiple redundancies

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Proven in the most demanding situations

From hurricane response to hospital emergency codes and emergency department coordination

LiveProcess empowers you to take control of emergent events and collaboratively resolve emergencies.