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eLearning: Administrator Intro to LiveProcess

Intended for: Administrators
Duration: 60 minutes


  • Contact Management overview
  • Intro to communications
  • Codes and notifications
  • Event Log overview
  • Emergency management tools overview

eLearning: Contact Group Management & Automated Contact Self Maintenance (ACSM)

Length: 60 minutes

Contact group management topics:

  • Building groups (automated & manual)
  • Editing groups
  • Administration of the Automated Contact Self Maintenance (ACSM) feature to keep your contacts’ records up to date.

Automated contact self-maintenance topics:

  • ACSM Settings
  • Managing auto-maintained contacts
  • ACSM best practices

eLearning: Event Log Management Best Practices & After-Action Reporting

Intended for: Users who will be managing the Event Log
Duration: 60 minutes

This session will discuss best practices of Event Log use during a pandemic, including:

  • Maintain situational awareness for supply chain issues across your health spectrum
  • Personnel Resource Management
  • Share information at all levels: departmental, system-wide, affiliates, community partners and regional coordination
  • Incident Command System (ICS) editing
  • Communications from within the Event Log
  • After-action reporting (AAR) for your pandemic event

eLearning: Communications & Surveys

Length: 60 minutes

Communication topics:

  • Best practices for LiveProcess notification delivery to help avoid message fatigue and make the most of your notification units
  • Group building and dynamics
  • Sending notifications inside and outside of the Event Log

Survey topics:

  • Developing a survey
  • How to build and reuse questions
  • Assignments
  • Initiating the survey
  • Reading the results

eLearning: Event Log Usage

Intended for: Users who will be participating by posting into the Event Log
Duration: 60 minutes

  • Event Log overview
  • Posting & Responding, including Resource Requests and tasks
  • Attaching documents to a post
  • Communications from within the Event Log
  • Understanding Sidebars