LiveProcess Staffing

Mobilize personnel to fill staff callouts

Meeting established standards of care requires the proper workforce in place. Staff vacancies impact the safety of both the patient and medical personnel. Achieving an optimal nurse-to patient ratio for quality of care has become a national priority and an ongoing challenge for hospitals.

Connect with healthcare personnel instantly

Higher patient volume and shortened hospital stays create staffing challenges. Callouts increase the burden.

LiveProcess’ multi-way messaging platform simplifies the filling of shift vacancies with available personnel with the right skills. With LiveProcess, staffing managers can instantly connect with medical personnel individually, in pre-selected groups or across the hospital system to request coverage and determine availability.

This capability ensures adequate staffing levels are maintained to:

  • Reduce treatment and medication errors from nurse fatigue
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Decrease patient complications
  • Meet standards of care
  • Improve the job satisfaction of nurses

By keeping track of staffing requests, LiveProcess helps inform future needs.

Learn more about LiveProcess Staffing in this datasheet.

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