LiveProcess Patient Care & Transitions

Streamline patient care and transitions

Whether you need to move a patient to another floor or have a code alert at the patient bedside, there are a lot of steps involved to get people moving. Mobile coordination and communication can bridge the gap and optimize the use of resources to reduce costs and improve care.

Optimize the time of nurses’ time with LiveProcess

LiveProcess creates a seamless flow of multi-way information exchange across multi-disciplinary teams, allowing nurses to resolve clinical situations instantly and accurately.

Simplify coordination of patient care

When nurses have to leave the patient’s bedside to call around to hospital departments, or wait at a nursing station for callbacks, care suffers.

LiveProcess provides a system of instant, accurate and quiet communication and coordination that saves nursing time and steps.

Streamlining patient care and transitions may:

  • Reduce risk and increase patient safety
  • Increase quality of care
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Reduce readmissions and length of stay

Learn more about LiveProcess Patient Care & Transitions in this datasheet.

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