LiveProcess Transplants

Streamline coordination of organ transplants

Complex surgeries such as organ transplant require precise timing and exceptional coordination between clinical personnel. From the instant a tissue becomes available to the time of its implantation, each minute impacts the likelihood of success. Time is of the essence for transplant centers to secure positive outcomes.

Optimize steps in the transplant with LiveProcess

LiveProcess facilitates multi-way, instant communication and coordination between nurses, laboratory staff, medical records staff, physicians, pharmacists, transportation, surgeons, anesthesiologists, social workers, financial coordinators, dieticians and other team members. Outside organizations are easily included.

Improve outcomes with effective collaboration

Facilities performing transplants must meet strict time criteria for achieving each phase of the transplant process. LiveProcess streamlines the process, establishing instant notifications for each type of transplant scenario, on any type of device.

Transplant coordinators can instantly alert and mobilize staff via text, voice and email, and receive reply confirmations of their activity and readiness.

Communication, collaboration and expedient action – facilitated by LiveProcess apps – can increase successful transplant outcomes.

Learn more about the LiveProcess Transplants coordination app in this datasheet.

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